Super Good

100% Recyclable Packaging

Our products are not only super normal, but also super good. Skin Grammar's packaging was designed to use the least amount of plastic possible, wthout reducing the quality of the packaging. We use minimal ink and make our packaging entirely recyclable.

Safe for Our Planet

We also formulate without EDTA. Disodium EDTA, Calcium Disodium EDTA, Tetrasodium EDTA, and etc., are chelating agents that help to inactivate metal ions and help stabilize products.

Topical application of products with these ingredients do not affect your health, but they're considered hazardous for marine life since they have a slow biodegradation process.

Super Good Life

We implement our Super Good Campaign in real life too. In our offices we strive to eliminate the use of disposable cups.

All of our employees have their designated reusable cups and are encouraged to bring their own utensils. We're working towards limiting use of all single-use plastic whenever possible.